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 Do you know what is the Best paint for miniatures?

Today we can show you what is the best paint for miniatures of warhammer 40k, age of sigmar or other wargames.

Many people ask us what paintings we use to paint their miniatures. You should know that the miniature painter has his tricks (and his secrets), but after so many doubts that we have seen that we have emerged we have decided that it is important to comment on the best painting for miniatures (or the best paint for miniatures).

We will briefly review the most important ones.

We are going to start with the ones we use the most, which are Vallejo Model Color paints, then we will see the amount of options that Citadel paints give us, known by everyone. We will continue talking about the airbrush paints that we use and we will end with a final bonus track, about some paintings that we love because they are tremendously matt.


Advantages of painting miniatures with Vallejo Model Color.

  • Are very opaque and cover very well.
  • Support a lot of water.Wide variety of colors.
  • Have a very correct satin hue, neither too bright nor too matt.
  • Are very economical.
  • Thanks to the type of boat they don’t dry out (seriously, they never dry out).
  • Perfect colors for historical miniatures.

Disadvantages of painting miniatures with Vallejo Model Color.

  • You can waste a lot of paint if you neglect to take it out of the boat.
  • You have to be very careful when painting, if you touch it you can leave the miniature even after it has dried.
  • It is not the most appropriate if the miniatures are going to be to play (a warhammer, infinity, etc.).
  • It is absolutely essential to varnish the miniatures.
  • Inks leave much to be desired.


We continue on our journey in search of the best paint for miniatures.

Citadel has a wide variety of paintings, and it is clear that his range of paintings has it focused so that everyone can get well-painted paintings using their techniques. Thus they have paintings for:

  • Air (for airbrush)
  • Base (to apply bases)
  • Contrast (fast painting with acceptable results without having any idea of ​​painting)
  • Dry (specific for dry brush)
  • Layer (conventional paint, fits all)
  • Shade (the old inks, which have now evolved to washes)
  • Technical (paints to achieve specific effects)

Advantages of painting miniatures with Citadel paintings

  • They themselves teach you how to use them
  • Great resistance. It is very difficult for the paint to be lifted
  • Each type of paint in the range fulfills its function perfectly.
  • The “base” is a real wonder as a first layer, especially in light colors.
  • In our opinion, Citadel has the best washes or inks on the market.
  • Metallic colors are quite good and varied.
  • Perfect colors for science fiction and fantasy miniatures.

Disadvantages of painting miniatures with Citadel paintings

  • The price, they are not especially cheap.
  • The boat format they have makes them dry quickly, although this can be solved.
  • Many times, due to the range of colors, it is difficult to use them outside the realm of fantasy and science fiction.


Little must be said about these paintings. They are excellent for the airbrush and, in fact, they are the only ones we use, so little else we have to say, beyond that it is very important that you keep in mind that, although they are specific paintings to paint miniatures with airbrush you must dilute them with a suitable diluent since if it is not too thick.


Andrea Europe is another brand of paintings that we use to paint some historical miniatures. It is a range of paints with a completely matte finish, something difficult to achieve in most brands.

The fundamental disadvantage of these paints is that they cannot generally be used in combination with others, since the difference in brightness is very noticeable.


The promised bonusk track. Green Stuff manufactures very special and spectacular paintings if you are looking for special finishes. We highlight chameleon paints and fluorescent paints for their special finish. And with this we finish. We do not know if we have found the best painting for miniatures but surely, at least, we have helped you buy some, and to know others that you did not even know about their existence. It only remains to thank you for reading us and reminding you that: