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We paint a lot of kind of miniatures, but we think that this miniatures are great!

In this new entry we give a new twist of the universe and we get fully into the game of Corvus Belli Aristeia!

For us this entry is very special. Especially special, because we released a new format for photography, yes, you read well. From now on we will start showing our works with the white background. It has been a decision motivated fundamentally by: giving our miniatures more professionalism and better fidelity of image and color, and for a matter of corporate image: we want our image to be clean and clear! But hey, going back to the commission.

These three miniatures of Aristeia are part of a bigger order that you can see later on. In fact, this customer wants an aristeia custom board.

It is not the first, or the second time we paint board games. In fact it seems that more and more table games of miniatures are being demanded. Would it be coincidence? We think that the hobby is giving a turn to faster proposals to which we were accustomed. In this case we have had the opportunity to paint three miniatures of the basic Aristeia box, these have been: Mushashi Major Lunah 8-Ball. To distinguish his team, the client wanted the blue colors to prevail.

Do you think we have succeeded? Judge it yourselves!

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We are speciaist in miniatures painting. Do you want a job like this?