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 Are you looking for Infinity miniatures UK?

Then this post is for you!

We send a lot of miniatures for UK clients. In this case, we could paint an Infinity army.

In our last entry we saw how Ragnar could come alive with a few strokes. After a few days, we take a stellar jump and present our latest assignment. Now is the time of seeing this infinity miniatures uk.

An army Yu Jing of the magnificent game of Corvus Belli Infinity. The Yu Jing army is a force characterized by employing a wide variety of heavy infantry units. It is an army that poses a challenge as painters, given the amount of details and the difference between each of the units.

Do not stop seeing the pictures until the end! Today you will be able to see how an order evolves from the beginning to the end.

We hope you like it! It all starts with a good airbrush job.

The miniatures that are at Level 3 have their corresponding outline on the armor.

After we focus on the details

Look at the barrels of the weapons on your back, the effect is impressive!

A general photo before painting the bases.

And then, we present the photo session of the commission:

We are working on several simultaneous assignments, so stay tuned to our blog since it will not take long to introduce new and fresh things! Thanks for reading!