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Commission painting Warhammer 40k Youtube channel

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Miniature painting 40K, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and much more wargames. We want to show you all!

Hello hello to everyone! Eons have passed since we last published an entry in our blog; 5 months to be precise. The last one was one of the orders of Infinity that we have done. A silence justified by the volume of work we are having.

But we are here again! And not precisely because it has lowered the volume of orders (quite the opposite) but because we want to commit a little more with the publications and give a plus of quality to our service.

Today’s post is dedicated to our brand new YouTube channel about painting miniatures of Warhammer commission painting warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. We have released channel! A channel that we will use as a showcase of miniatures, of the miniatures that we are painting, but also where we will publish tutorials on how to paint miniatures and news of wargames.

Actually the channel we did it a long time ago as you can see in these videos from a long time ago:

But we wanted to give it a plus, and from now on the thing will improve, and go to more, and more and more.

You can watch our last video here:

Finally, how not to encourage you to subscribe to the channel, by clicking on SUBSCRIBE.

That is all for today!

Thank you very much for reading, see you in the next post! And as you know:

We are painters of economic miniatures聽Do you want something like that?

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