Historical Miniature Painting

Napoleonic, Romans, World War miniatures

We┬┤ve specialized painting historical miniature projects

We are aware that collectors of historical miniatures are very fussy. That’s why we offer two different options for painting historical miniature

Complete management of historical project

We do all the work! We love historical miniature painting, so if you contract the integral management of the historical project we will take care of everything:

100% color scheme true to the history

We look for the details that determine and identify important people


We provide a justifying report to certify that the miniatures have been painted in a historically correct manner

Painted according to the customer┬┤s instructions

You know exactly how is the scheme color and features of your historical miniatures:

100% adaptability to your wishes


We will ask you all the necessary questions to make the perfect project

The project will end when you confirm that every miniatures have the correct colours and details

Helping You Find Success With Your Historical Miniatures

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your miniatures

Trust professionals with experience, enthusiasm and passion for their work to paint your historical miniatures

What kind of miniature do you collect?

Model cars, planes and ships

Napoleonic, romans, classic greek models

Famous Historical Figures

World Wars, Modern Wars

Different Scales

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