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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum commission cost?

NOPE. We accept all commissions, even the smallest! We don´t want the economic reality of each one be a handicap if someone wants a well-painted miniature.

What payment metods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer and PayPal.

Can I choose different painting levels?

Of course! In fact, we recommend that. For exameple: if you have a great army, you can choose our BASIC level for the roops, our ADVANCED level for monsters, and our HEROIC level for your favourite miniature.

How does shipping work? Do you international shipping?

Of course! We have customers of our miniature painting service all over the world. We send orders by certified shipping, always with a tracking number so you can see where your miniatures are.

Do you work with established prices?

Our mission, and “Oidut Studio Spirit” is to adapt to the needs and possibilities of our customers. Have you little money and don´t know what you could do with it? Don´t worry! We´ll find the best solution to meet your needs!

Suppose you want to place an order, and inform us that your budget is £ 60. You tell us what your idea would be and what you want to do with that budget and we will send you a realistic and adjusted budget of the best we can do with the budget you have.

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Movile: +34 699898476

Adress: Rincón del Cielo Street, Number 4, Zaragoza (SPAIN)

Miniature Painting Service

An international company dedicated to miniature painting.

Oidut Studio is an Studio dedicated to miniature painting. We´re one of the most important company that paint miniatures by commission. Also, we´re the only one company specialiced in historical miniatures. We can do the bigest project and great armies, very fast, and with the  best quality.

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