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Finish the day and you sit down to review the email, to prepare the pending budgets of the day, and suddenly, there appears an order to paint miniatures a Ratling Snipers of the year 1987 !. Maximum joy when we see that someone wants us to paint their Ratling Snipers (and a few other miniatures that we will soon upload). Is there anything more oldhammer than this? Many of you will not have seen these ratlings snipers ever, although you can see on the Games-Workshop website the most modern versions. Painting these miniatures to order has made us think about something: the ratlings are hobbits of the future? XD On a technical level, to say that it is a commission at our Tabletop Level (Level 2), recommended when you are looking for an economic option, what do you think?

pintado de miniaturas

pintar miniaturas

pintado de miniaturas por encargo

pintar miniaturas por encargo

pintura de miniaturas

pintor de miniaturas


See you soon!