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SHADOW WARRIORS. Using our best miniature painting service

“Shadow Warriors” is the name that today in Age of Sigmar they receive the miniatures that previously represented the shadowy Warriors of the High Elves or the Shadows of Dark Elves.

In this case, an order for an army that will be used to play Warhammer Reforged has passed through our workshop. The proposal was very simple: “I need a Dark Elf Shadow unit (Shadow Warriors in Age of Sigmar) but with other models”.

Great!, We have to do more conversions. We think we can get the best miniature painting service.

We investigated a bit by the Games Workshop catalog and other brands and finally found the Mandrakes. They are perfect! Why?. Well, mainly because we have hardly had to touch them to turn them into Shadow Warriors, it has been so little, that the conversion has gone free to the client !; and also because we think that these miniatures represent very well the spirit and mysticism of Dark Elf Shadows, or Shadow Warriors if we are going to use them for Age of Sigmar (incidentally a unit of “Raven Layers” if what we like to play 9th Era, we show you the photos and we explain the conversions, which luckily has been very little!

Pintores de miniaturas

The secret of the convert? Changing Mandrake´s weapons by Dark Elves weapons!

best miniature painting service

best miniature painting service

See you soon!