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The Best Miniature Painting Service

Our passion is miniature painting. Our mission is to provide the perfect miniature painting commission service.

We´re a professional miniature painting commission since 2011. We´re proud of all the models we paint. We make conversions, dioramas, and much more. 

Our experience painting miniatures is our quality guarantee


We paint your miniatures.

We offer 5 different painting levels. From the most basic to the most complex and elaborated.

In fact, you can customize your army and choose different level painting in the same project.


We´re painters specialized in historical miniatures

We don´t just paint wargaming miniatures.

Our miniature painting commission service includes historical investigation.

We strive to maintain historical fidelity. Also we adapt our miniature painting style to the style and tastes of our clients.

Great armies, sci-fi miniature games, fantasy wargames… We paint everything you want!

Get professionally painted miniatures

thanks to our miniature painting service


We love being miniature painters. Our work and our passion is the painting of miniatures to order.

We´re professional miniature painters

Wide experience painting miniatures for wargames

Experts at making dioramas

Experience the effect of seeing a miniature finished and well painted

It’s great that you got here, that means you’re interested in what you’re seeing! You are surely fond of this hobby, an unconditional lover of some wargame like Warhammer fantasyAge of SygmarWarhammer 40k, Infinity, Malifaux … or maybe you just like painted miniatures and the world of art and  modeling. Anyway, we have something in common: the passion for miniatures. We do not mean that we try our best to provide the best miniature painting service, when you love what you do it is not an effort to do it; simply, we love to do it well! Not only do we want to enhance our experience in the world of wargames, miniature painting and the creation of dioramas, we also want to convey that illusion to all our clients. Do you want to experience the effect and emotion of seeing a finished and well painted miniature with us? Do you have miniatures to paint? Then wait no more!


What makes us a different miniature painting studio?

We don’t want to bore you with empty words, that’s why we’ll only tell you the important things:


We adapt our miniature painting service to your needs, so we offer the best quality in the painting of miniatures from the simplest level to works destined for showcases and tournaments.

We paint all kinds of miniatures!


Our prices are what you see. We will not try to increase the budget with unjustified supplements.

Know our Painting Levels

Level 1. Basic. Our simplest painting level
  • One layer of paint
  • An increase in tone
  • Some details are painted with 1 single color

Recommended for: large armies in the shortest possible time.

historical miniatures

Level 2. Tabletop. More attention to detail and more shadow-light whork.
  • The layer includes two shades: a dark tone and a highlight
  • All the details are painted, with 1 – 2 colours

Recommended for: large units and armies

Level 3. Advanced. Our most popular level.
  • The layer contains 2 to 4 colours.
  • All the details are painted with 2 – 3 colours.
  • The edges are highlighted.
  • Rust and wear effects.
  • A lot of details on the faces.
  • Reflections are applied on all possible surfaces.

Recommended for: individual miniatures included in large armies, special troops

Level 4. Top. Our most popular level for individual minaitures.
  • From 3 to 5 colours and shades
  • Oxide effect, reflection & lighting marking
  • Possibility of “freehand” singles
  • Highlighting edges

Recommended for: individual miniatures and very special miniatures.

Level 5. Heroic. Our most elaborate level.
  • More than 40 hours of work on each model
  •  Use of all advanced techniques (focal lights, glazes, Metallic No Metallic, etc.)

Recommended for: miniatures that will always be in showcase.

About Us

Oidut Studio is one of the most important miniature painting studios, with extensive experience of painting miniatures by commission. We paint miniatures worldwide. But we especially focus our miniature painting service on the UK, USA & Spain.

Our work is based on the service of painting miniatures, making dioramas and, in short, any service related to miniaturization, however small or large the project may be. Our hobby is to paint miniatures, and our effect, to paint them for anyone who cannot paint them and distribute miniature colour everywhere. Do you want to know who we are? 


Good communication, better service, updates, but above all quality. In person the minis are even better than in the photos. 100% recommended.

“They have very good and detailed finishes. I will ask for new jobs without hesitation. Very happy with the result

“They do a great job, it is amazing the level that you can get to paint, very professional and fast

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